Urgentechelp Latest Plan of Installing Windows 7 Unlimited is Considered to be the Ultimate Plan

Launched in 2009, Windows 7 Unlimited is the most popular operating system in today’s time. It is undoubtedly much more equipped & sophisticated operating system than its predecessors. Apart from the updated versions of Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer, & Windows Media Center, this version has got various new features with advancements such as voice recognition, handwriting recognition, and improved performance with multi-core processors. Its advanced look & fascinating features have made it one of the most desired Operating Systems in the current time.

Its mind boggling features are a delight for the tech-savvies. The key features are:

  • 32/64 bit architecture.
  • Facility of home group sharing & media streaming.
  • Bluetooth functionality.

Onstalling  Windows 7 Unlimited

  • Remote desktop connection.
  • Facility of Desktop Navigation.
  • Pin to Taskbar & Taskbar Preview Feature.
  • Jump list for search & navigation.

There are various other features that positioned it as the best Operating System till date.

Acknowledging all the features, Urgentechelp has come up with a plan named Windows 7 Unlimited. The service validity of this pack is 15 days. This plan mainly focuses on installing Windows 7 unlimited in any system via remote support system. Availing this plan, you can have Windows 7 Ultimate without any encumbrances. This plan includes upgrading of Operating System.


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