Avoid E-Mail Hoax or Phishing Scam Using Urgentechelp’s E-Mail Support Facility

It is human nature to remain tilted towards things like prizes and freebies. While checking your email, you might have faced these kinds of issues. According to the experts of Urgent Tech Help, these kinds of tempting emails cause email related problems. These false emails are playing a pivotal role to increase the number of online criminals. These criminals, commonly known as hackers can ruin all your hard earned fruits.

Urgent Tech Help Email SupportWhen it comes to email hoaxing or in technical term “phishing” is undoubtedly one the grave instances of email related problems. This issue arises when a scammer sends out mass emails to every address with a hope that some of them will give them reply. There are various ways you can stop hoaxing but it is advisable to opt for expert’s advice.

Appreciating the importance of emails in daily life, Urgent Tech Help is offering one of the most integrated & modernized tech support facilities to deal with email related problems. Except issues related with e-mail hoaxing, their equipped technicians are also capable enough to tackle other e-mail related problems. Receiving of error message every time when you open your email account, you are not able to open an attachment; your email accounts are presented with uneven fonts and various other issues are also comes under this plan.

With the service validity of 15 days, the cost of this plan is very affordable. Their service is undoubtedly is exhaustive in nature in terms of e-mail related issues. Starting from setup & configuration of email to importing of old contacts from the previous emails – everything is a part of this plan. While offering the services, urgentechelp has the most experienced technicians will also teach you how to recognize the problems in the future time.

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Urgent Tech Help: Control Heartbleed Bug

Beware of Heart bleed, a virus which will not keep you safe while using your system. What is the main function of the bug? This bug helps the hackers to destroy OpenSSL serious programming flaw. For a simple user, it is hard to understand the action of the bug. Server memory is the place from where this flaw leaks the data. It includes usernames, SSL site keys and passwords. Personal information does not remain safe.

This virus targets many websites, which are trustworthy. Now, tech support technicians also want users to update new passwords to control the virus attack. Though the virus is serious, but there is no fear. You need to follow some measures, which will help you effectively. After the service provider patches the site, you can definitely change the password to remain safe. While maintaining your online accounts, you must use double authentication system. This will keep your password and transaction safe. This two-step authentication, act as a defense.

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Computer help technicians recommend you to use password manager. Randomly, you can select the combination of letters and characters as your password. Therefore, make sure you select a strong password for confidential data or information. In today’s internet world, it is not easy to stay safe. But, you need to learn new techniques to stay safe and secure.

Heartbleed is a small bug, which needs on-time control. Or else, there can be a major break on the online world. The protection of the online information is in your hand. Urgent Tech Help is only there to assist you.

Urgentechelp: Tips on Computer care

It is very funny to say that many of us use computers, but everyone is not aware about computer maintenance. It is an electronic device, which needs proper check and protection. Or else, it will create problems in your daily work. Technical support on computer maintenance will help you understand what to do and what not to do with the system.

Little knowledge and patience can save your hundreds of bucks on computer maintenance. Do you want to increase the lifespan of a computer? Then, you must follow the maintenance tips and take care of your computer. Remote support will help you bring the way out of the problem. So, you sit in your home and get all the essential tips on maintenance service.


Following are the lists of maintenance and care of a PC:

  1. Reset and Restart – The computer does not shut down in a proper way, while resetting a machine. You need to shut down the system forcefully. In the restart, the computer shut down in the usual manner. There is no force required in shutting down.
  2. Clean and Clean – You need to clean the machine and remove all the corrupt and used files. This will clean up the memory of the computer and you can use flawlessly.
  3. Help ‘Virus’- A computer slows down when there is a virus attack. So, install an antivirus to keep your system virus free.
  4. Process of shut down –Use the steps of shut down method and power off your computer. Using any other method like ‘direct off’ from the main power is complete NO. It will create a pressure on hard disk.
  5. Simple Start Up –If the PC taking too long to startup, then many startup programs are ON. Delete the startup program and make it simple.

Do you know the Urgentechelp is your friend? You can ask any question and all answers are in front of you.