Know Windows 8 Operating System Installation For Your Computer

With more than a billion computer users across the world, the term Operating System is no more a technical jargon. We all know how the operating system is important for a computer. With rapid technological advancements and research, almost every year we have a new or modified version of operating systems.

What is the Operating System:

 The operating system manages and schedules the computers memory, software, hardware and processes. It helps the user to communicate with the computer without even knowing the assembly level language of the computer.

Operating System Installation process:

 The installation procedure of Windows 8 is a rather simple one. Once the product is downloaded through a paid subscription, one just needs to follow a set of basic steps which would help in the installation of Windows 8.

Windows 8 Opreating System

  • Click on the install now button after the Set up button of windows 8 appears on the screen.
  • Key in the product key which would be found on the box pack or the subscription key.
  • Click on the Next tab.
  • You have to click on I Accept the terms and conditions.
  • Please select the Upgrade or Installation key. If You want to upgrade to a higher version of the existing operating system, then please do go ahead and select the upgrade key; else select the installation key.
  • Please proceed to click on install.

Set up the Windows 8:

 Now comes the option of personalizing the computer:

  • Select the choice of color: whichever color you choose would come up in the background.
  • Please enter a suitable name for your personal computer on the space which has been allotted for the name of the personal computer.
  • Proceed by clicking on Next.
  • Configure the settings Turn on sharing options which will enable the computer to connect with other devices and share data to and fro other compatible devices.
  • Please sign in to the PC using the Microsoft Account, and check whether the registration process had been carried out properly or not.
  • Wait for the Windows 8 interface platform to get loaded into the screen properly.

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